Made with real cheese, Cheetos snacks are the much-loved cheesy treats that are fun for everyone! You just can?t eat a Cheetos snack without licking the signature ?cheetle? off your fingertips.
Chester Cheetah guarantees to put a smile on your face with Cheetos Cheese, now available in a 25g pack, so you never run out of your favourite Cheetos Cheese snack

Ingredients: Corn grits vegetable oils palm olein sunflower chilli natural and nature identical flavour yeast powder salt rice flour sugar hydrolysed vegetable protein flavour enhancers e621 and e635 acidity regulator e330 and e262i1 whey powder natural color e160c anti caking agent e552 cheese powder onion powder garlic powder buttermilk powder contains milk lactose soya wheat gluten

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