Deliciously sweet and refreshing, Mountain Dew is a unique citrus-flavoured soft drink that instantly quenches your thirst and exhilarates your senses. With its distinctive edgy and vibrant NEON bottle, intense lemony taste and the addition of caffeine, Mountain Dew invigorates both body and mind, inspiring you to live your life with passion, and always ready for a new challenge. It is the perfect choice for adventure-seekers and sport lovers who love to stay active. Mountain Dew 250ml is a perfect companion for picnics, family get-togethers and occasions, as well as both indoor and outdoor activities. Awaken the spirit of adventure with the unique taste of Mountain Dew!

Ingredients: Carbonated water, Sugar, Concentrated Orange Juice, Acidulant (citric acid), Natural Citrus Flavour, Cafffeine, Preservative (sodiem benzoate), Acidity regulator (sodium cetrate), Emulsifier (gum arabic), Antioxidants (Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Disodiuem EDTA), Colour (Tartrazine**).

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Mountain Dew


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